My name is Carrie Gold, and I am currently a teacher at Rockwell Charter High School in Eagle Mountain, Utah. I discovered a love for languages as an eighth grader in French 1, which eventually lead to completing a BA in Spanish Teaching and French Teaching minor with credentials to teach both to secondary students in the state of Utah.

I'm currently in my seventh year of teaching. I have taught French and Spanish to students of a variety of ages and in a variety of settings, including teaching at charter schools and "regular" public school, tutoring preschool and elementary students, teaching college-level Spanish, helping senior adults prepare to travel to France, and working with teenage girls in a residential treatment program.

I love to travel, and I have practiced French and Spanish during summers abroad in France and Colombia; I also have a (so-so) working knowledge of Korean from a year volunteering in South Korea. I recently completed master's degree in foreign language teaching where my thesis focuses on multilingualism's effect on Alzheimer's Disease.