The end is near.

  • First term ends Thursday, October 19th.

  • I will collect any Euros you want to turn in for extra credit on Wednesday, October 11th or Thursday, October 12th.

  • Remember: If, as of Thursday, October 12th, you have no missing assignments, you receive a 15 Euro bonus.

  • We will correct and turn in warm up packets on Wednesday, October 11th or Thursday, October 12th. You need to do all warm ups, even if you were absent. They are all found at the top of your class page (see the menu to the right or in the upper left hand corner of this page).

Extra Credit Option

There is a Día de los Muertos activity 11:00-6:00 on October 28th at the Cultural Celebration Center in West Valley. You can earn extra credit by going and writing a paragraph about what you saw and learned. Details here.


On this website, you will find information on the classes I teach as well as resources for other educators. I hope it is a useful resource to you.

Students and parents/guardians, please see information about what we're doing in each class by using the links to the right of the page. I strive to keep information on these pages current, including uploading most homework assignments and giving instructions for what to do if you missed class.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me at

--Ms. Carrie Gold