End of Quarter Announcements

  • Warm up packets and Euros due...
    • French: Wednesday, 15 May
    • Spanish and Mentoring: Thursday, 16 May
  • Grades will be finalized right after school on Friday, 25 May (the last day of school). Missing assignments and extra credit must be turned in before that point.
  • There is no limit on extra credit you can turn in, but please complete missing assignments first
  • If you have no missing assignments: 15-point extra credit bonus
  • If have a B+ or above OR if you improve your grade 8% or more over last quarter: 15-point extra credit bonus
  • Extra credit options: See below
  • Remember you can do test corrections
    • Please use a different color pen or pencil
    • You can use notes and ask for help (but you can't have someone give you the answer)
    • Write in the correct answers for the questions you got wrong
    • Put the test in the in-basket when you finish
    • You will receive 50% of the points back for everything you correct

Extra Credit Options

You can submit as much as you want AFTER completing any missing assignments. Find extra credit options here:


On this website, you will find information on the classes I teach as well as resources for other educators. I hope it is a useful resource to you.

Students and parents/guardians, please see information about what we're doing in each class by using the links to the right of the page. I strive to keep information on these pages current, including uploading most homework assignments and giving instructions for what to do if you missed class.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me at cgold@rockwellhigh.net.

--Ms. Carrie Gold