Note: Students are responsible to complete warmups even when they are absent. Instructions for making up any other required assignments are also included in the slideshow above.

Extra Credit

Note: Please work on missing assignments before completing extra credit. I suggest making sure your intent to return form is turned in, finishing everything in your warmup packet, and you turned in all your Euros (I gave you a ton! Find them!!).

  • Help clean up my floor! 1 Euro for every 10 pieces you pick up.
  • Wipe down all the desks with Clorox wipes. You need to get any pencil and pen off, too. 10 Euros.
  • Grade reflection: Look up your grades on Aspire. For each class, write down your current grade and a paragraph (4-8 sentences) explaining on how you got that grade (eg, what you did or didn't do). 7 Euros.
  • High school plan: You're in ninth grade. Write out which classes you're planning on taking during tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade. Write a paragraph (4-8 sentences) on why you chose what you did. 5 Euros.
  • After high school plan: Look up the college or technical school you're planning on attending (if you're not planning on going to one of those...look for other extra credit opportunities). Write a paragraph (4-8 sentences) about the college or school, a paragraph about why you want to go there, and a paragraph about what you need to do to get there (eg, do you need to take certain classes? Fill out an application?). 10 Euros.